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My research on PLE has exposed me to explore on many great Web 2.0 tools out there. Above are some of my essential studious tools that have helped me a lot along the way. Probably I can’t live without them now.

1) Mendeley – This has become my number 1 precious tool in my studious life. I collect and organize the articles I found for my research in Mendeley. I read all the articles on Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley iPad. Sometimes I read on Mendeley iPhone too but it’s just rather hard sometimes to read on a small screen. Anyway, I have truly gone paperless in my research now. Proud of myself. Hehe!

2) Gmail – Email is my main communication medium among my peers and supervisor. I think I have a syndrome of checking email too often. I’m  trying to refrain from doing so nowadays. Anyway, I’m so glad that email has been the door for me to meet new friends who found this blog. Truly appreciate your friendship and help. Just to clarify, I appreciate all kind of feedback and the door on my email is always opened. Feel free to drop me any email and I will be sure to reply. Hehe!

3) Dropbox – I keep all my precious documents for research in Dropbox and sync them on my desktop, netbook, iPhone and iPad. Dropbox saves my life from copying files all over places. These files are mostly my working chapters, notes, literature review matrices and final drafts. Whatever I see in the desktop in the office, I see the same at home or anywhere with my iPhone. I can easily pick up writing from any where with my files all up-to-date. The only problem is if only writing comes easy.

4) Google Reader – my daily reading resources, always keep me up-to-date with latest update from blogs that I follow… There are so many great blogs out there that share/discuss great topics. All you need is go find them and if you like reading them, add the link to Google Reader. No worry you will miss any cool new updates in the future.

5) Remember The Milk – keep me organize with my to-do list that I can access anytime on my iPhone.

6) WordPress & Tumblr – my blogging tools to share ideas and collect information. WordPress is still my primary blogging tool while Tumblr is more like a place for aggregating information I like or think it’s useful for more people. I’m so glad that I get to know more peers through my blogs.

7) Twitter – helps to keep the communication alive… A great way to publicize new information and connecting with great people out there to share knowledge.

8 ) Diigo – bookmarks websites that I need to refer and it’s easy for highlighting with annotation too… One of the coolest thing about Diigo is I can read other users’ annotations (if available) on the website that we all bookmarked. It’s useful to read what others have been thinking about the same topic.

There are also some tools that I have used occasionally such as Evernote, SlideShare, GoogleDocs, and Scribd. These are useful too in my studious life to collect and share information easily.

Have you been using any of the tools mentioned? Are they helpful to you? Do you have better tools that you love to use in your studious life? Do share! Thanks.


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  1. GoodReader for iPad. Exports all my highlights and notes in books and papers to email. Makes it so I don’t have to go back and find then type out quotes and citations. Pulls all of the important points from a paper or book (the ones I thought to highlight and notate anyway) into one document complete with page numbers, etc. Best. Thing. Ever.

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