I read recently that gratification is very important especially to those who have been or will be in this dissertation journey for a period of time. Apparently, procrastination only arises when you don’t get appropriate gratification. No point in working so hard to achieve some milestones where you don’t get the just reward that you desire immediately. That only results into further procrastination because you don’t have the reward as motivation to push you forward.

Of course, the ultimate reward for completing a dissertation cannot be reached easily in a short period of time. To keep myself moving forward, it’s important I give myself the reward no matter how small or big along the way. When I finished my chapter 2 and 3 (I know it’s not a very big deal but I did put a lot of effort into them), I gave myself some break from writing and I spent some time watching movies with my hubby. When I finished presenting in the symposium, I had a great outing with the family on one weekend and more movies time at home. Hehe!

For completing my first paper (though I still have quite a bit editing to do before I’m satisfied to submit it to my supervisor), I have an upcoming  short trip planned since June. I promised myself to enjoy this short getaway if I achieved my milestones. Consider that I’m already halfway through this journey, I can finally see the end. My submission target is by end of this year or early next year.

Regardless, I’m still reading more articles for more new ideas and inspiration for my writing. Most probably I would have to change some point of views in my chapters. Cite more new sources. There is probably no official finish line for literature review, I tell you. In the mean time, I take time to write blog post as one of my gratifications. I just enjoy writing and sharing. It helps me keeping the motion of writing.

So, have you rewarded yourself lately after achieving some milestones? Don’t wait. Take a break and refresh the mind. 


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