Mendeley Presentation @ UM Library

For the first time as a Mendeley Advisor, I did a hands-on presentation at my university’s library on 28 October 2011. I was extremely anxious for my first time presentation but I guess I did okay, trying hard to show all the good stuff in Mendeley and answered the users’ concerns. I truly hope my audience, mostly librarians, have benefited from my hands-on session and hopefully more will start to use Mendeley too.

Thanks to my good friend, Fariha, who attended the session. Her presence was great support to me. Thanks to Fatima who said she read my blog and found out about the session. So sorry, I didn’t get your email address to send you the slides. If you read this, please send me an email and remember to join our UM group at Mendeley. Hope to always keep in touch.

Here is my presentation slides for the session. I have further added a slide about useful links for easy reference.

You can also download the slides here.

Lastly, I sincerely thank all who have attended my presentation or even wanted to but couldn’t make it. I truly appreciate all your support. Drop me email if you have any question about the presentation or Mendeley. If you are UM students or staff, please join our UM group at Mendeley to get updates about Mendeley.


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