Progress in October

It’s time to reflect on my progress for last month. Sadly I think I did badly for October, with zero writing and barely did any reading. What I did successfully were paid for another semester (which I pray it’s the last), went for an island holiday (an excuse to reward myself for the hard work in completing chapter 2 and 3) and presented at my university’s library for the first time as Mendeley Advisor.

To be honest, I’ve been working on and off on data analysis where I collected more data over the month. I think it’s time to finalize data collection and do a final analysis for chapter 4. I’ve also been putting some thoughts into system implementation but I still haven’t gotten myself to get it started. This really worries me as time is flying by. Year end is just around the corner and the semester is soon coming to another end. I really do not wish to pay for another semester anymore. I have been procrastinating far too long.

On another note, I have been reading more about learner autonomy and self-regulated learning to rewrite my paper that I intend for submission. Yes, my first paper is still not ready. I have been delaying it due to lack of confidence of getting it right. Another excuse for my procrastination. Sigh! Anyway, this new reading will actually affect my literature review. I probably need to rewrite my chapter 2 with new insight for my argument. By now, I’m not surprised at all that the literature review is a process of ‘never-ending’ reading and writing. Of course, I can just simply accept whatever I have now and simply be done with them. But I really don’t want to lower my quality requirement for myself. I want to do a good job, not just for the sake of completing. This is hard. Sometimes I just want to give up and be done with everything. Somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. The truth is I’m not someone who give up easily and I really hope I prevail to the end.


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