Float on iPhone

I’m very much obsessed with iPhone apps that can help my studious life. Float is the latest iPhone/iPod app developed by Scribd that makes reading experience more pleasant on mobile device.

Float is a digital reading service that allows you to easily read and share Twitter, Facebook, and Scribd,as well as web content from more than 150 publishers, including FORTUNE, TheAtlantic, TIME, PEOPLE, Scientific American and more!

I signed up with Scribd months ago because I wanted to follow Mendeley’s documents collection in Scribd and I also found other useful documents that good people uploaded to Scribd. I do not use Scribd that often because I don’t know where to find other interesting stuff to read or follow. That’s before Float. With Float, my reading list has changed, which originally only limited to Scribd documents. Now Float can take news feed from all the social networks that one has: Twitter, Facebook, etc.

This is Float on my iPhone. I get all the social feed from my Scribd and Twitter’s network.

Just click on one of them and I can read the article comfortably on iPhone.

Sharing is made easy with Float too. Or just add the article to reading list for reading later.

I’m actually surprised how much new information sources I can get by exploring Float. I get more sources to follow now.

If you like to get more reading resources for your mobile device, I would recommend you to try and explore Float for a change in your reading experience. If you have been using some other interesting app for reading on iPhone, please share with me too. Thanks! 🙂


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