Mendeley Tip: Add institution name as author

I have recently helped Wini to solve her Mendeley problem that I didn’t even know exist because I didn’t use such function in Mendeley Desktop, hence I didn’t encounter the problem before. Wini wanted to put the institution name as the author of an article in Mendeley Desktop. By default, Mendeley Desktop will automatically put any author name in the format of Last Name, First Name.

The institution name as author will appear weird in such format. I have tried to choose other format option but didn’t know how, so I consulted the Mendeley Advisor Group.

Quite instantly, I got replies that showed me how to do it.

I tried again by editing the original author name I typed earlier and I found the option below it showing (Institution/Organization). A click on that changed the Last name, First name format into what’s supposed to be.

This is how it looked like after I select the (Institution/Organization) option.

I was so happy to inform Wini what I learn and I hope that information has helped her. I also put what I learn here so I hope more people who encounter the same problem will learn too. I’m actually very grateful to become Mendeley Advisor as I have learned so much more about Mendeley through its community and users who reach out to me to help them solve their problem which I personally have never encountered before.

I will share more Mendeley tips in the near future when I learn more. If you have any question or problem using Mendeley, please feel free to reach out to me.


7 thoughts on “Mendeley Tip: Add institution name as author

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  1. I also need Institutions as authors once in a while. The problem I encountered was that once Mendeley had converted the Institutions name into the Last Name, First Name format, it won’t show the option (institution/Organization) any more even if I overwrite the text (Name of the institution) and write it again. The solution I found is to add a space character in the beginning of the name of the institution. The option underneath the field will show again. Select the institutional option and then correct the name and errase the space character.

    1. Sorry for late reply. Have you tried my method mentioned in this post to choose the format? If you have done so and still doesn’t work, you can also report this matter to Mendeley Support. They can help you faster. Thanks.

  2. I also could not get the option (institution/Organization) to show.

    Anita, thanks for posting that a “space” is required in order to have the author field not revert to last, first name. It worked for me.

  3. Anyone know how to do this is the name of the institution has a comma in it? I can choose that it’s an institution until the end of the world and it insists that it isn’t if there’s a comma in the institution name.

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