Drowning in data analysis

I have spent my Sunday writing my chapter 4 which contains all kind of data. It’s kind of tedious in writing report on the data collected and put them nicely in table or chart. Spending nearly whole Sunday and I only managed about 9 pages which are only one third of the total data collected. These are not included the time I used earlier to calculate the numbers and putting them in Excel. And I thought this chapter should be easy to write because it’s mainly reporting. I was so wrong. It’s time consuming and a lot of double checking work to make sure the numbers are calculated correctly.

Anyway, I have also successfully installed Joomla for testing and getting myself acquainted with it. I hope to get a working prototype, a web portal, to be tested or evaluated by a few peers. My goal is to provide research support which encourages the users to achieve learner autonomy (i.e. taking control of their own learning online). I have been thinking that research is the best learning context to practice autonomy as there is not much scaffolding from the lecturer who acts as the supervisor to guide in every step in the research process, unlike taking coursework. Undeniably, scaffolding is still necessary in the learning process but I’m not limiting it to lecturer anymore. I strongly believe that peer support is a valuable scaffolding necessary in our research’s success. I’m trying to make this work through a sharing web portal that discusses various research issues, writing tips, and motivation support.

Okay, let see how this goes. There’s simply too much in my head now. Hehe!


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