AcBoWriMo – The last 5 days

November is coming to an end in 5 days. Reflecting on how much I have achieved for AcBoWriMo pledge, not good. I have 3-day weekend this week as next Monday is a public holiday. So, I’m planning to work as hard as possible to fulfill my target for AcBoWriMo which is to complete Chapter 4 and 5.

Here are the list of things  to do for this weekend:

1) Fill in the gaps for Chapter 4 with data analysis, writing discussion, and the impact on the design aspect.

2) Build the web portal on Joomla – a working site that has my desired features that I want. I want to make it up and running for evaluation before the month ends. Right now, I’m designing the name logo, layout and writing introduction. My site name (at the moment) is Studious Life – Control over your own learning. That’s exactly the purpose of this site. A portal to encourage you take control of your own learning. There’s no strict rules on what you should do with your own learning but basically, I provide ideas on certain topics about studious life particularly doing research, a reading list and hopefully we can start a discussion and learn from each other. That’s the general idea.

3) Start writing Chapter 5. I have actually come up with the long outline but my ideas on how to write it keep on changing. I’m thinking to first write about Joomla, its functions, and the reason I chose it to be my development tool. Hopefully that will get me started.

Now that I have put the tasks in writing, I feel better. More organized. A plan in place is always good for my productivity. I’m counting on a few peers to participate in the web portal and evaluate it. I hope to invite more people to become the users and help me improve the system and test my research idea. If you are interested to participate, please let me know. Your participation is well appreciated 🙂


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