Progress in November

The end of November turned out to be a disaster. My original plan of writing was fruitless due to my father-in-law being hospitalized. Most of my time was spent either in hospital or commuting around. I did try to read some journal articles during the time waiting in hospital but the anxiety kept me distracted.

Anyway, some progress reporting for November:

1. Data analysis is completed with nice tables or charts. Chapter 4 is already halfway through. Just need another few more hours or half a day to complete writing it.

2. System development phase has started. I have built a web portal called Studious Network to discuss all about studious life. This web portal is to evaluate my research ideas on Personal Learning Environment to encourage learner autonomy. Not a great site yet, but most of my original ideas are there. I’m focusing on peer scaffolding and collaboration to encourage users in learner autonomy. This site is still in its infancy and I expect more radical improvement as the days go by.

3. Evaluation phase is in preparation as I invite more people to join the portal. I just hope more people can participate and let me know if the portal is helpful or not. If not, I would like to know what is lacking and what is good to have to improve everyone’s learning experience.

With the portal up and running now, I’m preparing to start writing Chapter 5. There’s so much to talk about using Joomla as web development tool. I have to capture the design iterations too, to show the progress of improvement as per my research methodology. I hope I can regain my determination to complete everything on target time. Thank you in advance for those who have taken their time to check out my web portal. Your feedback is appreciated.


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