Design and development of PLE

I’m now at the stage of implementing my development to test out my research ideas. Many have wondered what is actually a Personal Learning Environment (PLE)? How does a PLE look like? A system that is unique for individual? I have the same wonder for myself and these questions have been in my thought very early in this  research. Throughout the LR, I couldn’t find a single answer to any of those questions. In my opinion, PLE is just an educational concept that no one will agree on a particular system to represent it because PLE itself represents a lot of areas.

That’s why, my goal of design and development of PLE is not actually building a big IT system that covers everything but a web portal that people can openly access and learn without restriction or boundary. My own idea of PLE is a system where people can connect, participate and share in learning. That’s why I came up with the idea of Studious Network to promote learner autonomy because I believe autonomy is an important quality that can be learnt/practiced in the learning process. I also believe that learner autonomy is one of the critical success factors of PLE among many other factors.

This picture represents the general ideas of Studious Network. A learner should always read as much as possible before he/she can be ready to enter into discussions. However, sometimes it’s hard for certain learners to know what to read or where to find the resources. That’s one of the purposes of this portal – to provide some reading suggestions. Assuming when one reads more, discussions are sure to come with questions in need for answers. Discussion or conversation is a good way to learn from each other, especially from those with more experience. When one is confident enough  to make an argument, sharing one’s writing is the best way to disseminate one’s idea and hopefully to generate more discussions and more sharing. All these processes are made easy with the use of Web 2.0 applications (such as blogs, Twitter, RSS, etc.) that are already out there. When one knows what to do with his/her own learning, learner autonomy has been achieved. Ultimately, powered by learner autonomy, PLE will improve one’s learning experience with the help of Web 2.0 technology.

Learning is a continuous process and I hope this portal can facilitate this learning process among learners who are interested to learn on their own. It’s still at infant stage and I hope to make this works. The very least (at the end of this research) is to find out what doesn’t work. 


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