Progress in December

Happy New Year! It’s already the second day of 2012. What have I done lately? Lazing around at home with the hubby on the first day of new year. Trying to do some studious work today but so far it’s not working that well. It’s still new year holiday. Hehe!

Anyway, it’s time again to reflect on my progress for last month. I have completed chapter 4 – data analysis, the longest chapter so far. Chapter 5 is progressing well, thanks to my daily writing of 300-500 words. This writing habit truly helps a lot in my progress. Completing chapter 5 was not as hard as I first thought. I just wrote section by section without a particular order and later on I put them all together, filling up the gaps following my long outline. Chapter 5 is about design and development of the system with design modeling. I have chosen UML use case diagram and a web diagram as I’m designing a web portal. For the development of the system, I describe the development tool and its architecture. I’m still working on putting all the diagrams together and make a summary. I’m pretty happy that I have been following the research methodology as closely as possible. My first ever!

Next, I’m going to work on my last 2 chapters: Chapter 6 – Evaluation and Chapter 7 – Conclusion. Learning is truly never ending. I’m reading about measuring usability for my evaluation chapter. It’s amazing to learn so many new things. Just hope I have enough time to complete all I plan for. I’m also glad to say that I can finally see the end of this journey (at last!). I have been in touch with my supervisor, sort of promising her to send her my drafts after new year holiday. It’s more of a promise to myself to keep to the dateline, seriously. Submission by end of January seems so real now and it’s looming so near.


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