Progress Meeting (Jan 2012)

I’ve made a promise to my supervisor to meet her after the New Year holiday to show her some of my chapters. I’ve completed Chapter 4 and 5, despite the need to touch up more before the real submission. As usual, I was procrastinating on setting a meeting date until she called for a meeting with my peer. So, I  thought why not I joined the meeting on the same day. And I did.

I basically showed her my Chapter 4 and 5 with my explanation as she flipped along the pages. She made a few suggestions on the data reporting and analysis. I also described about Studious Network and how I developed it. I guess she’s happy that it’s still a live site, instead of a (closed) prototype. I told her that maintaining the site has become my personal interest, rather than just a dissertation project. I was actually concerned about the site being sufficient as a system development requirement for my dissertation. She assured me that it’s enough for now.

Overall, she’s happy with my progress and I always felt better after every meeting with my supervisor. Maybe her confirmation of my progress direction makes me feel better. It’s just good to know that I’m on the right track and who would know better if not my supervisor, right? I’ve also shown her my outline for Chapter 6 and 7, my last two chapters. I’m actively working on my Chapter 6 – Evaluation and I’m trying my best to meet my own dateline to complete all my chapters by end of January (at least working drafts that only need editing before submission).

Finally, she thinks I’m ready for submission very soon. So, she printed a 3 months Notice of Submission form, signed and stamped by her, and asked me to submit it to the administration office once I complete my details. I did just that. By submitting this form, I have to submit my dissertation within 3 months. No turning back. No more procrastination. This is real. The end is near.


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  1. Well done for taking the opportunity to meet your supervisor sooner rather than later. And great news re: the ‘norification’. I’m sure you can do it in the 3 months available.

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