Writing the conclusion

My countdown shows 4 days until my target date. Realistically, I cannot submit my final draft in 4 days. One of my biggest mistake was being too optimistic, thinking that I would work through the holiday. Although I did on a slower pace during the long weekend holiday (as if I did any faster on normal days πŸ˜› ), it just didn’t work out. Β One good thing is my target is my own. It’s slightly flexible and I can always change it to accommodate my need. Of course, I can’t change it as a way to procrastinate. That will be just too much for no good and I won’t allow myself to slack without some writing productivity.

Good news is I have completed Chapter 6 – Evaluation. The end is near. I keep looking at my final chapter – Conclusion. This is it. The chapter to conclude everything, to tell what I have done right or not right, what I could have done more, and what I wish to do more. It seems easy to write this chapter because the hard facts are already in place on other chapters. However, the truth is writing a ‘good’ conclusion is very important but difficult. To me, at least. Finding the right words to conclude is not that easy for me.

Good thing is I have a new formula to write conclusion now, thanks to Wini. I thought it’s a great formula and I want to document it here for sharing.

Conclusion = this is what I wanted to find + this is how I found it + this is what I found + this is interesting because…

I’m going to stick with this formula and get my conclusion done. Haha! Wish me luck!


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  1. I find it really difficult to work on weekends and holidays, too – I suppose it is because I don’t really own my time, then. Even with careful planning (e.g., regarding childcare), it’s other people’s time out and they expect it to be yours, too,

    Sounds like a great plan for the conclusion chapter. In fact, I’m stealing it for my own reference πŸ˜‰

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