Endless editing

Okay, maybe it’s not endless but it does feel that way. It’s not what I would have expected when I’m coming so near to final submission that I have a lot of editing and some rework to do. Okay, I should have expected this editing work coming after receiving feedback. It’s just that there wasn’t much editing feedback from my own supervisor so far that I didn’t think I would have to redo some of my work after receiving comments from other experts. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying these experts’ feedback was bad for me. These comments are enlightening and insightful. I’m actually glad I’ve been given such opportunity to meet these experts and get some guidance from them. I’m just blaming myself for not planning well on my time for editing. It’s my fault for not expecting rework. Now that the submission date is somehow set, the pressure is on.

I have to rework part of my paper that I want to try for submission after I received some useful feedback. Rework on the paper would result in rework in my chapters too as most of the work in that paper came from my dissertation chapters. The amount of work before final submission scares me. I have to rush for both paper submission and dissertation submission by end of February. My mind has only one question now, endless wondering if I can I really do it…


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