Importance of 3 months notice before submission

Dear Postgraduate Research Students,

The Importance of ‘Three Months Notice Before Submission


Greetings from the Institute for Graduate Students, University of Malaya!

Welcome to the second semester of session 2011/2012. I hope everything is fine with your postgraduate studies and you are progressing well in your research.

I would like to remind research students to submit their ‘three months notice before submission’ early to avoid delay in the examination process of your thesis/dissertation. If you are not able to submit within the three months, please appeal for a three months extension. During this period, your respective faculties will process the appointment of your examiners.

You are strong advised to submit your thesis/dissertation for examination by the end of April if you wish to convoke in October this year. This is to take into account the examination process which would normally take between two to four months.

You are also strongly advised to plan the preparation and submission of your thesis/dissertation with your supervisor(s) to ensure timely completion of your postgraduate training.

With best wishes,


Institute for Graduate Studies

Received this email today. I’m ecstatic that there’s still hope to graduate this year. This is great motivation for me to complete the manuscript by end of this month, which will leave me enough time for editing in the next month. I’m sure there will be editing to do after I submit to my supervisor and before the submission to examiners. Time to work extra hard…

Yes, I can do it!


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