I did it!

I outdid myself this time. I completed my revised paper earlier than I expected. The outcome is satisfactory, at least to myself. My supervisor thought the revised paper has a different feel to it now. I totally revamped my data analysis method and presented my findings totally different from my initial paper. I guess it’s all thanks to the reviewer’s comments that gave me insight to redo most of the paper. I guess I surprised even myself that I could do it. The dateline was tight, with in between new data collected for analysis and trying new analysis method, I thought I couldn’t finish on time. That’s when I put more dedicated #AcWri times since last weekend and I truly think it helps me a lot in my progress. Overall, I think I put around 5-6 hours daily on data analysis and writing. Finally, on Thursday, a day before my own due date, I completed the paper and sent it to the supervisor. I felt so relieved.

Now I can finally get back to my conclusion chapter and final touch up on all the chapters before sending the final drafts off. My due date for this task is end of the week. The end is very near now. Gratitude to all who gave me support in #AcWri all these times. I couldn’t do it without all the support 🙂


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