Progress in February

February was the busiest month in all my dissertation journey. I didn’t expect that the end would be much hectic than any other time. After attending the writing workshop early of the month, I was trying to complete the revised paper for submission before February ended. As the shortest month of the year, I only had barely 3 weeks to do all. I had to revamp the whole data analysis in barely a week with new additional collected data in another week earlier too. At times, I thought I couldn’t make it. I was so worried that I couldn’t do it on time. But then I told myself not to worry anymore. Worry brings me nothing good. Everyone knows it but we all still do it nonetheless. Looking at the positive side, like what Ana said, I have additional one day in February this year. It’s a good thing, right? Hehe! So, I put all my effort and energy to complete the paper and worry less. It works. I completed the paper before the due date and sent it to my supervisor. I finally submitted the paper to a journal 2 days before the due date given by my faculty’s department. I felt so relieved and proud of myself, if I may say so. Hehe!

With that paper out of the mind, I concentrated on finishing the rest of my final chapter. Sadly, it took longer than I expected. Who knows that writing conclusion could be that hard. It felt like part of me didn’t want the dissertation to end. It sounded crazy, I know. Nevertheless, I have to reach the destination after working on it so long, right? It’s now or never. I used the weekend to do final touch up before I’m sending all the chapters off to my supervisor. She said she needed at least two weeks to read all before she can comment on them. So I take it that I will have at least 2 weeks break soon. Hooray! I just have so much to do once I’m done. I couldn’t wait to start reading for leisure, but then I actually started reading already. Reading my favorite romance novel. Haha! The end is really near now. Wish me luck!


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