#FollowFriday #1

The weekend is almost here. I’ve no urgent writing to do this weekend (other than a few promised guest blog posts), so I’m planning to take it easy. No major plan yet but mostly it involves watching movies, napping, and some writing at home. Hehe!

I’ve observed the twitter community for some times and found a trend called #followfriday or just #ff where Twitterers recommend some good Twitter users to be followed. This sharing is extremely useful if you are new to Twitter and you want to find some good users to follow so that you get latest updates on things that interest you. I’ve benefited a lot from others’ #ff every Friday. Inspired by Ana Canhoto and Dr Anna Tarrant, here is my first #ff:

@litreviewhq – If you are looking for information on how to do your literature review, this is a MUST follow. I got to know Ben (the owner of Literature Review HQ) on Twitter when I was having difficult time to start my literature review. I’m just glad that our meeting was right on time when I needed it most and we spent a lot of time chatting on Twitter about studious lives. We also did our first virtual coffee meetup last year, which was a productive writing session online, despite of our distance and timezone difference.

@WiniC_SRPB – Wini is an online MA student, living far far away in Mallacoota, Australia. She is my virtual partner in crime for procrastination. We sure have great time in procrastinating and sharing. Haha!

@joaovc – Joao is the most productive #AcWri participant that I know who loves to self challenge himself to produce better each day. His sharing of his writing progress has been most inspiring, making me to push myself harder in writing too.

@canhoto – Ana is a marketing academic who has always been supportive and motivating in #AcWri. I always like to read what she has to share on her blog and Twitter.

@phd2publishedPhD2Published is another must follow resource regardless if you are doing a PhD or just merely a Master like mine. It’s from PhD2Published site which shares useful tips about writing that I’ve developed better writing habit. The current managing editor is Dr Anna @dratarrant.

That’s all for my first #ff. In a way, I really like to thank all who I know from the Twitter community for giving me support and help in my dissertation journey. These are only small subset of the people I’m grateful to. I’d love to recommend more in my next #ff.


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