Submission for examination

The day had finally come. I spent more than 4 hours on Wednesday to do some final touch up on all my chapters. Then, I printed and sorted them into nice stacks where my hubby helped me in binding them into copies for submission.

Here were the final 4 copies for submission. Each with around 140 pages long. More than enough for a Master’s dissertation.

The administrative process for the submission was quite confusing. Unfortunately, there’s no clear or definite instruction for the submission. So I had to rely on my peer who had already submitted a few months ago but still there’s some different in the process when I submitted.

Here I hope to share the process so if you are a student of UM and you need to submit your dissertation soon, you can at least have some idea:

1. Print and fill up the “Submission of Research Report/Dissertation/Thesis for Examination/Re-examinantion” form. Get the supervisor to sign and stamp. You can find it all the forms here.

2. On page 5 of that form, there’s a checklist to make sure the final manuscript is in the correct format as required. Generally, you need to prepare

  • 4 copies of the printed manuscript
  • 1 CD with softcopy of the manuscript in PDF
  • 4 copies of Original Literary Work Declaration Form (signed by the supervisor and yourself)
  • Submit chapters to TurnItIn to check similarity/plagiarism – print the result to submit together

3. On the day of submission, you have to make sure your candidature is still active. In another word, you have paid your fee for the current semester and finally pay the dissertation fee. With printed receipt as proof of payment, take the Submission form together first to the Treasury department for endorsement.

4. Back to the faculty office, submit all the forms, 4 copies and 1 CD to the person in charge. In return, you will be given an acknowledgement as proof of submission.

At last, I’ve completed the process on Thursday. It was quite a headache as I didn’t know the proper process then. I did inform my supervisor after I submitted and told her my worries about the examination process. She told me I did well and the process should go smoothly. I’m glad she thought I did good. Now I keep my fingers crossed that my dissertation will pass. I’ll know the examiners’ feedback and result in about 3 months.

In the mean time, let’s celebrate my new freedom. Haha!


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  1. Congratulations on submitting. I submitted my Masters thesis in Australia about a month ago and after reading about your experience above, I am glad to say that my submission steps were: 1. Print 4 copies of thesis. 2. Hand these into the secretary of the department on my due date. That’s it. No forms (yes I had to double check this, as I didn’t believe it at first). Now I play the waiting game. Congratulations again!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Congratulations on your submitting too. I envy your simple submission process. I did feel my uni’s administrative process was kind of unnecessary at most. But it didn’t matter now, I guess. Go enjoy during this waiting game. You deserve some breaks 🙂

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