One of the most important requirements before the submission was the Turnitin report. I’ve heard about it numerous times but had never accessed it before until the day before submission for examination. I’m not sure how accurate Turnitin is but I know my university has put it as great importance to prevent plagiarism for our research work.

I know plagiarism has always been an issue to most academics, therefore I’ve taken extra care when I was doing my literature review. Now I found my literature review process to be quite effective in preventing plagiarism. The most important step is while making notes during the literature review. I made sure that while I was copying important notes from the articles that I read, I made final cite-able statements from my own words at the end on my literature review matrix. These statements represent the references I made from the articles I read. I didn’t know how well the results would be but I knew I did all I could to avoid plagiarism from the start.

To be honest, I was rather anxious when I uploaded each chapter to Turnitin and waited a few seconds for the results. I didn’t know what’s the acceptable percentage for my university at first but I did learn from a peer who had submitted a few months ago that her supervisor accepted anything below 10%. Everything was fine until I uploaded my Chapter 6 – Evaluation.

On average, my similarity percentage ranges from 0% – 7% on all chapters except on Chapter 6 where the result turned out to be 21% due to the evaluation terms that I referred to have been used by many other sources too. I don’t really understand why it compared to some Internet sources (i.e. blogs). Anyway, I was rather panicky and I sought out my supervisor to reconfirm about the acceptable rate. She told me that she accepted anything below 30%. Ermm…I wondered if there’s any standard about the acceptable rate.

Regardless, I printed the report and submitted it together with my manuscripts for examination. I pray everything will be fine, though my supervisor thought everything should be fine. Does anyone have experience with Turnitin before? I’m happy if you can share your experience with me 🙂


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  1. hi Jen, congratulations! You made it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience here.
    I just want to know about turnitin. is it true that turnitin is not free? Do student have to apply password from their uni?
    Thanks for your reply. Do enjoy your freedom and accomplishment. 🙂

    1. Hi Wani (yes, I read your blog just now and I hope I can call you that as a friend),

      Thanks. I wonder how long you have been reading here. Hehe! Yeah, I finally made it but you are even better. You are going to convoke soon. Envious! Congrats to you too.

      Yes, Turnitin is not free. I got access set up by my supervisor, otherwise I couldn’t use it either. Didn’t your uni require you to run your dissertation using Turnitin?

      Anyway, I’m glad to know you. Hope we can share more.

  2. Hello!
    I have just read your comment about turnitin.
    Personaly, every time I have to submit my work through this evil thing I AM EXTREMELY ANXIOUS! The reason is because one time I had to submit my essay on business psychology (I am a MSc student) the outcome was 25%!!!! And it was completely my own work! The truth is that when I opened my report to see what I had ‘plagiarised’ unintentionally, I found out that the majority of this material were quotes (although I had cited them). Crazy?
    I am so pissed off with this situation…

    1. Dear Katerina,

      Sorry for late reply. I have learned not to put quotes as part of my citation just to avoid situation like yours. I always try to para-phrase and normally it works.

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