That’s usually the first response when hearing about Hojoki. So what exactly is it? It’s the latest Web platform that said to “Make All Your Cloud Apps Work As One”. Sound cool? At least to me, it sounds very cool as I love to explore new ways to connect with Web 2.0 applications.

I got to know about Hojoki through Mendeley’s newsletter, that I received periodically as the Mendeley Advisor. I signed up right after I read about it because I was really curious to see what Hojoki really did. Not long after that, I received personal invitation from Hojoki’s co-founder Lutz Gerlach on Mendeley too. From there, we discussed a bit about how Hojoki could work for me and I promised to experiment it with feedback.

So, what I like about Hojoki? The integration of many Web 2.0 applications that I’ve been using. Imagine having all newsfeed from Mendeley, Twitter, Google Docs, etc. in one place. You can also customize different views (it’s called workspaces in Hojoki) of these newsfeed as you like.

This was the first thing I did after sign-up: connecting my apps into Hojoki. I connected my Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, Mendeley and Twitter for a start. There are many apps for integration and they promise even more apps for integration soon as Hojoki grows.

Here’s one example how I use Hojoki by creating a workspace specially for my Google Docs where I’ve shared the Academic Writing Accountability spreadsheet. Now I can easily see who and when the spreadsheet is updated. I can also invite others to see the same workspace and collaborate (i.e. share comment or discussion similar to Mendeley’s newsfeed). That’s the idea but I’ve yet to do just that. I can also click on the document and it’ll open on Google Docs. Similarly, all other applications work the same way.

If you are an enthusiast of Web 2.0 applicatiosn (just like me), I sincerely invite you to try out Hojoki and see how it can work for you. Do let me know what you think of it. I’m sure the development team at Hojoki would love to hear our feedback.


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  1. Hi Jenn, thanks for your review! Any feedback is highly appreciated. And stay tuned as Hojoki is taking part at Startup Rally at The Next Web Conference this week, and our CEO Martin Böhringer is going to announce interesting developments regarding our mobile app 😉

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