Iron Man & Hawkeye wrote my literature review

The movie, Avengers is awesome. I just watched it last Sunday. I’ve always been a fan of Iron Man because I like all the cool gadgets. Now seeing so many super heroes together, what a scene. However before watching the movie, I’ve read Ben’s latest post entitled “Which Avengers Character wrote your literature review” and I’m so impressed with his creativity to make the connection between the characters and writing literature review. If you want to find out more what character are you, you must read his post.

After reading his description of each character, I found myself to be more like the cross-breed between Iron Man and Hawkeye. I was always very ‘cool’ when doing my literature review and didn’t actually bother much with the details which is very much like Iron Man. Just because I was taking everything too cool, that’s where the procrastinator in me comes about. Much like Hawkeye, I’d been swayed by the evil force of ‘watching movies and reading novels’. Haha!

However, Ben was telling me that I came across to him a bit like Captain America, the organized one. Then I started to think maybe I’ve been trying to portray myself as the organized one, though naturally I’m not one. It’s basically through practices, determination and perseverance that one can become Captain America. I guess that’s my case. I’ve learned over the years to become Captain America in doing my dissertation through practices and learning from others.  I believe everyone can become Captain America. We just need to find the right ‘serum’ to make us super strong. Haha!

So, do you see yourself as one of the Avengers characters in doing your literature review or dissertation? Do share 😛


2 thoughts on “Iron Man & Hawkeye wrote my literature review

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  1. You ARE Captain America. I’ve heard lots of people who I think are very organised say that they don’t feel like it though.

    I’m a mix of Thor and Hawkeye. I procrastinate a lot and I’m a bit clumsy when I write. That’s not to say I don’t occasionally turn into a big green monster and start smashing things. I wish I was more like Captain America and Iron Man *sigh* maybe one day!

    1. I believe everyone can become Captain America. Let’s practice yoga to keep the green monster at bay. Haha!

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