Remember The Milk *update*

I have introduced Remember The Milk before because that’s the application I picked for at least half my journey through my dissertation. I have always like the application especially the user-friendly iPhone app that I can sync my tasks. Sadly, after I submitted my dissertation, I didn’t look at RTM that much until recently that I thought why not I use RTM for work related tasks too.

Hence, I created more categories: Personal, Work, and Someday on top of having Study. I put tasks such as dentist appointment under Personal so that I don’t forget it. My list of tasks has been growing longer under Work category with day-to-day tasks in the office. I basically have the webpage of RTM opened at least 8 hours daily on my desktop’s browser, so I can keep track of my daily tasks in the office. I have a category called Someday because sometimes I have some tasks that are not urgent or important but it’s good to get it done. Tasks such as clean my office drawer, organize the server room, etc. Hopefully one day I can check them out as completed. Hehe!

So far I’m very happy with RTM at work. My satisfaction is truly on getting tasks checked out as completed. I’m even more excited when I updated to newer version of RTM on iPhone. The new interface is so much nicer.

At first glance…I like to look at tasks on weekly basis then only move to daily.

This is simply awesome. Nice design.

I like the category view too…That’s normally how I work on my tasks.

Do you use any application to help you keep track of all tasks in your daily life?


2 thoughts on “Remember The Milk *update*

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  1. I love this. I use the android app and sync with my google calendar. The beauty is that it’s so simple which is what a to-do list should be. Google calendar is also a great application for me to keep track of what’s going on when. I’m naturally quite disorganised but with these two things, being disorganised is actually quite difficult. I still manage it sometimes though!

    1. I think Google Calendar is good too but somehow I still like the manual calendar in my organizer book. Hehe!

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