Still waiting…

It’s nearly 2 months since I submitted my manuscript for examination but I still haven’t heard any news. I wish to say ‘no news is good news’ but eventually I will hear something, right? Either minor correction or major correction or fail totally. Hopefully not the latter two. Am I worried? Of course I am. Always but I try not to think so much about it. Play ignorance if I can.

I also haven’t heard anything about my journal article which I submitted in end of February. I can see the status of my paper in the journal online system and it still shows the In Review status. At first, seeing this status made me excited. However, the same status is there for the past few months. My excitement is dying off, replaced by worry. Nonetheless, nothing much I can do now except wait.

Waiting period is no fun but it’s rather inevitable in studious life, I guess.


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