Twitter – Personal Learning Network

Personal Learning Network (PLN) has become my precious connections to other peers in my studious life. Twitter has proven to be the most effective PLN. I first joined Twitter on an account representing my personal life, targeting only to hear gossip on the general social media happenings on top of keeping close with a few real life friends.

I didn’t realize I’ve joined Twitter as @jennikolim since June 2009. I basically follow a group of ‘famous bloggers’, some informative Twitter accounts and a few friends. This Twitter account is basically my mean to pass free time.

When I was going to start my dissertation journey, I created another Twitter account with the aim of making studious connections in order to walk the talk of experiencing the benefits of PLE.

@mystudiouslife was created in March 2010 and I follow a few famous education bloggers at first. Then my following list evolves to include more and more peers from around the world who like to share experience and information about different aspects of studious life.

Looking back now, I’ve participated more on this studious Twitter account than my personal account.

I have a total of 2576 tweets as of 31 May 2012 compared to 2146 tweets for my personal account.

See the differences between the followers on my accounts. I couldn’t believe I’ve already reached 100 followers matching my 100 followings in my studious account.

Obviously, my studious life has preceded my personal life. Of course, growing one’s PLN takes quite some times and effort. Most importantly, you share sincerely with others and help each others to grow knowledge regardless of timezone. I would say Twitter is one of my best (time and effort) investments for my studious life and I sincerely hope you gain from participating in Twitter too.


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