Unofficial result: Pass with minor corrections

I got a message from my supervisor last week, telling me that the examiners’ reports just got back to her and soon they would schedule a board meeting to discuss my dissertation’s result. I was excited to get that news. A little worried too. What if I fail? What if I need to do major corrections which require months of work again? So many what ifs…I have been enjoying myself too much lately after submitting the dissertation for examination that thinking about redoing every thing kind of scary. Then I fell really sick. I had been staying home for the better half of last week and I just got back to the office today. I totally forgot about my anxiety over the result.

Then this morning, I received a message from my supervisor, telling me I need to do minor corrections. Apparently she just came out from the board meeting and sent me that message. Whoa! I replied her asking if I did okay overall and she answered that I did all right overall but the examiners thought I was too ambitious. Too ambitious? That’s another first in my recent life. I have never thought myself ambitious before or have I thought to aim for the highest. Weird? My best guess is maybe the examiners thought my research ideas were ambitious and I was trying to do too much for just a Master’s dissertation. Just maybe. I don’t know for now. Soon I’ll need to make a trip to my faculty to collect whatever documents necessary for my corrections. I hope the examiners’ report will be given to me then maybe I can understand what they mean.

All in all, I’m truly grateful that I’m so close to the finish line now. I sincerely hope all my hard work pays off finally. Once again, thank you all for your support and for having faith in me to reach the finish line πŸ™‚


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