Dissertation corrections

I have just sent off my first round of corrections to my supervisor today. It took me exactly 3 weeks to do the corrections, longer than I expected but I did it. Honestly, the process was rather exhausting. I put in more hours daily in doing corrections than I did while writing the dissertation. I even had dreamed about doing certain corrections on one of my chapters. Seriously, the dream was so real and I remembered most of the details. I just wished whatever I dreamed on working, would work in real life. That would save me time and effort. Hehe! Let me just dream on.

Just glad that the examiners’ comments provided a very good guide for my corrections. That made things a bit simpler to do. Surprisingly, I have some contradiction between my two examiners. My external examiner (EE) thought my “literature review was well written” and  my EE’s happy that I provided my views on the issues being researched. The EE also thought  my dissertation to be “Overall an excellent thesis that was easy to read and understand”.

On the other hand, my internal examiner (IE) gave me totally different impression. I got back my copy of manuscript with scribbles on most of the pages, from front to back. Not forgetting the at least 6-page long of comments left on my examination report. Okay, that’s not actually a bad thing. These comments were very useful guidelines for corrections. I only need to resubmit these corrections to IE before finalizing the submission, so I guess my EE was being very lenient with me, leaving my manuscript mostly untouched.

All in all, the correction process has provided me a good opportunity to reevaluate my research ideas and to make it better. I really try to maintain my motivation by not thinking how hard it is to do, but just think how far I have gone in doing it. Looking back to my manuscript, I actually feel proud that I have written so much and actually completed it even though it’s far from perfect. It doesn’t matter now because my new motto “Finished is better than perfect”  is just perfect for me 🙂


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  1. Congratulations on submitting the corrections to your supervisor. I haven’t been updating the Acwri Accountability spreadsheet recently because I’ve been editing the first draft of my thesis.

    It is quite reassuring that this took you longer than you thought. Editing has taken me so much longer than expected but it is quite therapeutic and satisfying. Although it isn’t adding to the word count it is making what I have better.

    Any other researchers out there – leave plenty of time for editing and correcting, it always takes longer than you think!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, editing and correcting really take very long time but that’s because we want to make our work better. I also agree we should put in more time in editing and correcting rather than writing. There will always be more editing than writing.

    1. It’s just a simple 2-column table. One side to tell what’s the examiner’s suggestions and another column to tell what you have done for the correction. That’s all.

      1. can i have it for my referance. i am too depress as I tried to find sample copy of any one but faild. i just as a sample. i hope …

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