#AcWri Live Chat for Asia Pacific

I’m an enthusiast of academic writing (AcWri) and I have always wanted to participate in #AcWri live chat in UK region (which run fortnightly by Dr Jeremy and Dr Anna) but due to our time difference I could never make it. Although I still benefit from reading the latest chat summary here, I have wished I could bring the live chat to my timezone.

So for the first time in Asia/Australia timezone, I’m honored to be one of the co-chairs of #AcWri live chat for Asia Pacific on Aug 2, 6pm GMT+10 or 4pm GMT+8. My other co-chair is my partner in procrastination, the Postgrad Mama – Wini from Australia. You can read more about us and the live chat here on PhD2Published.com. Our Asia Pacific live chat will run fortnightly on the same day with the live chat in UK and we will be talking about the same topic (unless we get special request). You can still vote for the topic to be discussed tomorrow here. We have special dedicated Twitter accounts for #AcWri too. Please follow us at @acwri and @acwri_apac to get the latest information.

Thanks to Dr Anna for the invitation and I’m glad to be part of the #AcWri excitement. I’m really excited to be the host and to chat with all the #AcWri enthusiasts out there. We have much to discuss and share. I’m looking forward to meet you and get to know you. Please join us tomorrow Aug 2 to give us your support 🙂


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