Ready for hardcover binding

I submitted my corrected manuscript last Monday and I got message from my supervisor on Friday that the internal examiner’s satisfied with my corrections. That’s fast! I’m just happy no more corrections are needed. That’s blessing enough.

I got the official phone call from the faculty yesterday, asking me to collect back my corrected manuscript. I went to the faculty office today for collection and I have been told that my manuscript is ready for hardcover binding. I let the feeling sink in for awhile and it’s so awesome. This is truly the FINAL step to complete my dissertation. I have reached the end of my journey. Somehow it’s unbelievable that I have spent the last 2 years working hard on my dissertation and wishing I could finish faster. Now the day has come.

Nearly 2 years work in 140 pages, getting ready for final submission…

This is my table of corrections that I submitted together with the corrected manuscript. Felt like a small kid again, getting it marked. Surprised to get a Good remark too.

Just glad that I corrected my data analysis to the examiner’s satisfaction. Thankful for her detailed comments for the corrections. This analysis part took me the longest time but the end result was so satisfying. I honestly feel that my manuscript is better written now than the one I submitted for examination. My hard work (though it’s very difficult at the time) is worthy effort and I’m so proud of it now.


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