#FollowFriday #2

I have wanted to write this second #FF months ago but never get to it. I sincerely share this #FF today because these people are great inspiration to my #Acwri (academic writing). I hope you will follow them (if you haven’t already) and find great inspiration as well in your writing.

@ThomsonPatDr Pat Thomson is the most resourceful person when it comes to writing. She always shares great advice, useful tips and insights about writing. A must follow if you want to improve your academic writing.

@gradschoolninjaProf Susan Nance is another great person who always inspire (with lots of great advice/tips) to become a better writer and better graduate ninja – the only way to survive graduate school 😛

@tanyagolashbozaProf Tanya is the author behind Get A Life, PhD. I have been following her blog since the beginning of the year and found her posts so inspiring and motivating that have become my resources to actually keep myself pushing forward and complete my dissertation. I just realized while writing this post that I didn’t follow her on Twitter. I have clicked Follow as I write.

@thesiswhispererDr Inger Mewburn is quite famous among the academic tweeps. I first followed her blog (quite early during my journey) to get insights about writing or rather get writing started. Now her blog provides various advice about everything academia.

That’s all for today’s Follow Friday. Hope you have a great weekend ahead.


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