The Final Milestones

When I finished writing chapter 4 and 5 and show them to the supervisor, she advised me to submit the 3-month notice form to initiate the submission process. At that time, I was thinking the time was near. I would definitely submit everything within that 3 months or even earlier. I was thinking I could finally be done with the dissertation. It was January then. I did make it before the 3-month notice was up and submitted the manuscript for examination in April. Never have I thought the whole process from that 3-month notice until hardcover submission could take almost 8 months. Totally out of my expectation.

Here are my final milestones starting from the 3-month notice to final submission (those highlighted in bold & italic are important milestones):

16 Jan: 3-month notice submitted

5 Mar: Final drafts (all 7 chapters) submitted to supervisor

4 Apr: Supervisor’s feedback after reading my drafts

12 Apr: Submission for examination

18 Jun: Examiners’ reports were back to the office

26 Jun: Result – pass with minor corrections

28 Jun: Collected examiners’ report for corrections

20 Jul: Corrections finished and sent to supervisor

25 Jul: Supervisor’s feedback on corrections

30 Jul: Corrections submitted to internal examiner

3 Aug: Examiner’s feedback – corrections are satisfactory

14 Aug: Final submission for hardcover binding

Sometimes I do feel it’s unbelievable that it took so long to finally complete  the whole submission process. What I learn from this is planning and timing are everything, if you want to graduate on time. Generally, it takes 3 months for the examination process and another 1 month for corrections. After submitting the corrected manuscripts, things are much faster and should be easier.

If you are still struggling with your final chapters and are ready to submit soon, please check your timeline and the required milestones. Have a plan in this crucial final milestones is essential so that your submission will go smoothly that will  lead you to graduation on time. A plan is also good to make sure you are motivated to work accordingly to achieve your final milestones. Do anticipate enough time to get proper feedback and to do correction. It’s important too to have time provision for proofreading the manuscript before submission.

All in all, I’m truly glad I have completed everything now. I can finally relax and enjoy (though I still have a paper to revise which I have yet to do. Guilty of charge!). I have called to the faculty today and confirmed that they are processing my final submission so that I can graduate this October. I’m so proud that I finally make it! 😀


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