SpiderOak vs Dropbox

I’m a big fan of Dropbox and it has literally saved my dissertation work for the past 1.5 years. I have no issue with Dropbox but only praises. However, recently I have been exploring the alternative of other similar backup/sync services (for office work purposes) and I found SpiderOak . I would love to use Dropbox still but somehow it’s not suitable for my office file structure that requires more control and flexibility. It’s great that SpiderOak provides more control over what to backup/sync rather than just a dedicated folder like Dropbox.


So, today I would like to share my findings on SpiderOak versus Dropbox:

1) SpiderOak’s major purpose is not about sync, it’s about backup. Sync is secondary in SpiderOak while Dropbox’s concept is more towards syncing on different devices which also act as the backup. Unlike Dropbox’s sync on one folder only, SpiderOak lets you choose what folder(s) to backup. It works perfect even for network folders backup, which is why I choose this for my office work.

2) Different concept about syncing on SpiderOak. It’s not automatic by default unlike Dropbox. Sync job must be created after you selected folders/files to be backup first to SpiderOak. However, the good thing is you can create multiple and different sync jobs on different folders on different devices.

3) SpiderOak boasts about their ‘zero knowledge’ security for your files. It uses a combination of 2048 bit RSA and 256 bit AES. Okay, too technical? Doesn’t matter. Most importantly, SpiderOak guarantees your files are secure and safe on their servers with their true privacy feature and  fault tolerant design.

4) I also like SpiderOak’s progress transparency while files are being backup. I can monitor the backup/sync progress on its queue/log features. It uses batch processing with rather fast speed (although depending on your bandwidth). You can also set the backup/sync schedule to once every 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hour or more.

All in all, I still love Dropbox of its simplicity features and it works beautifully without much hassle. On the other hand, I also like SpiderOak for its more comprehensive features that allow better control over the backup/sync. Depending on what you need or want, both are also good choices for your daily backup and sync on multiple devices.


3 thoughts on “SpiderOak vs Dropbox

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  1. Thanks Jen, I’ll give SpiderOak a try. I’ve been using Google Drive as well as Dropbox to give me extra storage. I’ve also been looking into using something like Carbonite to automatically backup an entire system.

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