UM Convocation 2012

The convocation 2012 for University Malaya (UM) is from 1 – 6 Oct 2012. The convocation for my faculty is scheduled on 2 Oct 2012, afternoon session. It’s only my 2nd convocation in my life so far but I have noticed a big difference between UM convocation and my college’s last time. For one, the convocation process is so much organized and systematic. We get all the information online here including the procedures and schedules.

I just collected my graduation attire yesterday according to the schedule. The collection process was smoother and faster than I thought. No long queue or running here or there for verification. Everything was nicely arranged in a big hall and I only needed to move from one counter to another along the way from the entrance to exit.

Here’s my ‘goodies’ bag. I didn’t expect to get gifts for graduation too.

Special gift from the Alumni office…

Four nice postcards from the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS). These flowers are real flowers in the UM botanical garden.

A photo frame from IPS too. I really didn’t expect to receive so many gifts for graduation. So happy! Now I don’t have to find a nice frame for my graduation photo later.

This is my graduation attire. Our faculty color is violet and I think it’s nice. I also think I still have problem remembering how to wear it correctly. Doesn’t matter, I guess. I know I’ll see some of my friends during the convocation and I’m sure we can help each other. Haha!

I’m just happy that I’m not graduating alone this year. There’s no actual due date for completing the Master’s so normally most of us (who started the courses together) don’t get to graduate together. Lucky for me, I have at least 4 friends who graduate together with me this year. Simply happy! Of course, I’m also very thankful to my Twitter friends who are probably reading this post. Thank you for all your support for as long as you know me. I seriously don’t know where I’d be without you all, cheering and accompanying me throughout my journey. Thank you very much!


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  1. Hi..Did you get your certificate, diploma, transcript, and any other docs after convo or you got it before? For example, we finish our study on February but the convo will be held on October. We just have to wait for the convo to get the certificate and we can’t even apply for a job?

    Look forward for your reply. And congrats on being granted a new life in academia. 🙂

    1. Hi,

      Thank you 🙂

      I got my certificate on the same day of graduation ceremony when I returned the graduation attire. Normally, you can start applying for job without the certificate, provided the uni gave you a letter of confirmation that you have completed everything and soon to have the graduation ceremony. Most companies would understand.

      Where’s your uni? What you graduated from? Just curious. All the best to you in job hunting!

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