Updated About page

To mark my completion of my official studious life (for now perhaps?), I have just updated my About Jenn page with more information about myself and some summaries of my studious journey. Honestly, I didn’t think of updating the page until I read Ben’s description of me in the Resources on Literature Review HQ. Seriously, I didn’t even know there’s a mention of me there until only recently (sorry Ben!). I thought Ben did a very good job introducing me and he even described me better than I did (previously) myself. I really appreciate his confirmation of my importance to Literature Review HQ and please believe me that the feeling is definitely mutual here.

Rewriting this About page really gave me a chance to go down memory lane, reassessing my purpose of this blog, my achievement (or lack thereof), and the outcome of my overall studious journey. I’m proud with what I have done so far but I know I could do better and wish to do so in the future. I hope to continue writing here and share more interesting stuff to all who are just started or are still working hard in their studious journeys. I also hope you will continue to visit this blog and get to know me as I would definitely love to get to know you.

Do let me know if you feel you know me better now after reading my About Jenn page. Thanks!


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