#Acwri Live Chat (AP) – Wed 17 Oct 2012

I should have blogged about this earlier but so sorry I nearly forgot about it. The truth is I’m very excited about today’s live chat because we have invited a special guest to be part of our hosts for tonight. This guest is already very famous, especially so in the arena of literature review. He’s my very good friend, Dr Ben Libberton from Literature Review HQ.

Of course, our topic for tonight’s chat is all about literature review and I sincerely invite everyone to join us tonight at 8 pm GMT+11 or 5 pm GMT+8 or check out this site for your timezone (this site is simply awesome for event time announcement especially we are in so many different timezone during the chat – thanks Ben!).

Wini, Ben and I are looking forward to chat with you tonight to discuss your concern or problem in doing your literature review. Feel free to ask questions to our expert, Dr Ben during the chat and hopefully our discussion can give you valuable insight in doing your literature review.

See you tonight!

Do follow us at @acwri_apac for latest AP #Acwri chat information and check out our past chats here:

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