AcWriMo Accountability

When Charlotte Frost announced AcWriMo for this November, I felt a bit nostalgic. I remember when I joined #AcBoWriMo last year, I was still working on my Chapter 4 and 5. I didn’t achieved my goal completely at that time but the experience was awesome. Most importantly, the people I got to know since then have given me great support and inspiration throughout my dissertation journey.

After a year, I have graduated with my Master’s and I’m enjoying quite some good break times from any writing. However, I’m not totally ‘retired’ from writing and I don’t plan to. I’m still active on blogging and Twitter because I like having conversation with so many scholars. It’s because the conversations we had during #AcBoWriMo last year that I started the AcWri Accountability initiative (read about it here: Part 1 and Part 2). I have been hosting the AcWri Accountability initiative since January 2012 and I hope this initiative will continue (though I may have lesser writing commitment now). I’ll continue to host our AP #Acwri chat twice a month as usual too (despite being less studious recently).

While I was thinking what should I commit for this year #AcWriMo (dropping the ‘Bo’ from AcBoWriMo this year), I thought it’s a good idea to use the existing accountability spreadsheet for this awesome initiative. So, I have created another new clean spreadsheet for November and invite everyone who is interested or has committed to #AcWriMo to put their names, writing goals and how they want to achieve their goals in the spreadsheet. The responses are very good so far. Many have committed to be publicly accountable for #AcWriMo in November and I’m excited to see everyone’s progress update as the day goes by.

If you are interested to join us, please add your name here. If you are still not convinced about joining #AcWriMo, come read Dr Inger Mewburn’s post and I bet you will change your mind after that. Do leave your Twitter name in the spreadsheet so I can add you to our AcWriMo Accountability twitter list. We can all keep track and support each other on Twitter by subscribing to this list.

I’ll also introduce Google Spreadsheet – Comment feature in my next post, so other than Twitter, we can also communicate on the spreadsheet itself. So stay tuned for my next post.


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