Google Docs: Comment as discussion

As you may have known, I have been using Google Spreadsheet for the #AcWri Accountability initiative since January this year and it has been a great platform for collaboration/sharing. Recently, I found their new feature called Comment and I have been experimenting with it with some of the participants in the spreadsheet last 2 months. This Comment feature is quite cool for having some discussion in the spreadsheet itself so I’m excited to recommend all participants to use this feature to have more conversations while using the accountability spreadsheet during #AcWriMo in November.

You can select any cell within the spreadsheet and right-click on it.  Select Insert comment to start the conversation.

Just type your message in the box and click Comment.

The comment will appear whenever you move-over the cell.

To reply to the comment, just click on it and start typing on the box to reply. Please BEWARE of the RESOLVE button. Do not click on it as it will close  the comment and make it disappear.

You can also view all the comments available on all sheets by clicking on the Comment button at the top right corner.

I think this feature is very useful to have some good discussions (I recommend you sign in with your Google account so we know who left the comment rather than showing anonymous) within the spreadsheet other than on Twitter, as I see some participants do not have any Twitter account. Anyway, I do encourage all to try it out on the Academic Writing Accountability spreadsheet and let me know what you think.


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