#AcWriMo Live Chat (AP) – Wed 7 Nov 2012

It’s an honor to have Dr Ben to co-host with us during our last AP #AcWri chat on 17 Oct 2012. It’s a great turnout and we had great discussion all about doing literature review. Thank you to all who had participated! Dr Ben’s so good in answering all literature review questions from all who participated during the chat. He’s taken another step further by making a video out of the chat too. Simply awesome! Really appreciate his effort to make the video (because I know editing a video is never an easy task) and I’m sure many have benefited greatly by his sharing during the chat. I definitely did learn a lot during that chat.

We had discussed quite a few topics regarding literature review and here’s the summary of the chat that I compiled in Storify. You can also read more about the discussions by reading Dr Ben’s post where he summarized some critical take home messages together with the video. If you have participated in our chat and you still have a lot of literature review questions for Dr Ben, here’s the good news. Literature Review Live has been launched where you can register to join Drop-In sessions and Webinars on scheduled days every week. Do check it out!

Our next AP #AcWri chat will be called AP #AcWriMo chat and is scheduled on 7 Nov 2012 at 8 pm GMT+11 or 5 pm GMT+8 to discuss about #AcWriMo in conjunction with November Academic Writing month. We will specifically discuss about our expectation and concern we have about #AcWriMo after our participation for a week. Come join us for an hour of ‘intense’ conversations and sharing about your thoughts about #AcWriMo. You are welcomed to join us wherever you are. Just check out this Event Time Announcer for the correct time in your timezone for our chat. See, I did learn something new from Ben – using this event time announcer.

Do follow us at @acwri and @acwri_apac to get the latest information about the live chats too. Hope to hear from you again during the next chat.


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