Reflection on Day 1 #AcWriMo

AcWriMo officially started yesterday. Many are very excited about this event, including myself (of course!). I had spent some times to help in promoting this event and I’m really amazed how well it’s been received by so many. In the midst of promoting AcWriMo, I actually forgot to plan my own writing strategy. I have roughly some idea how I want to achieve my writing goal, though I’m very aware of what I need to achieve. My ultimate goal is something that is long overdue (my paper revision) and I’m not very proud of myself. The hype of graduation early last month and the celebratory writing break that I took even before the graduation, had dampened my daily writing habit.

The first day of AcWriMo proved to be the hardest, despite the excitement and motivation from many Twitter’s friends/participants. I also realized I needed more caffeine than usual (I had 2 cups of tea and 2 cups of coffee). I hope this was not a starting trend to bring down my health. It’s even harder when I didn’t feel I read enough as preparation for writing. It’s definitely crucial to be well prepared before writing and I failed miserably. This was my fault for not preparing well. Distractions were another factor that I’m well acquainted with, yet I didn’t take serious precautions to prevent it today. I was so hooked on to Twitter to give my support to others that I found myself spending a lot of times there rather than actually writing. Blame it on my procrastination nature too. However, honestly giving support to others who are doing so well in AcWriMo actually motivates me too.

All in all, though my planned morning writing didn’t materialize, I didn’t give up throughout the day. I did put in a pomodoro to read a new conference paper that the reviewers recommended and another 2 pomodoros to write some ideas. While reading, I made an attempt to have conversation with what I was reading, (i.e. questioning the facts or claims) and reexamining my purpose of reading it (i.e. is it what I’m looking for to support my idea?). Highlighting while reading was definitely working to activate the mind. I found that I could fall asleep if I was just reading plainly without any action. More caffeine wouldn’t help keeping me awake, I guess. Putting annotations on the article was another way for my mind to have conversation with the author(s).

I love doing pomodoro (as I’m sure many love it too) because whenever the 25 minutes are up, the 5 minutes break time is like precious water in desert. You savor every moment with it. At the end of the day, I managed to write 750 words (rather forcibly!) about some ideas that I want to look deeper into the next day. I would say it’s not a bad start and it’s sure very satisfied to know I achieved my goal for the day. Don’t we all?

One day’s down, 29 more days to go! Happy AcWriMo to all!

PS: Thanks again for joining us in this AcWriMo Accountability spreadsheet. Looking at the spreadsheet with so many who have achieved their goals for the day is already giving me a kind of satisfaction. You all are simply awesome productive people. Keep it up, AcWriMo-ers! 


4 thoughts on “Reflection on Day 1 #AcWriMo

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  1. I was “outstation and at work” yesterday and I couldn’t find time to do anything #acwri related stuff, so I made it a point to discuss with one of my Supervisors, the potential papers that both of us could produce in the coming months.

    I’m glad I initiated the discussion, because today, I have a much better idea about the papers that I could and should be writing. I look forward to being productive this month, thanks to you, Jenn!

  2. Pelf,

    I know you can do it! Let’s do it together! Here to a productive month!


    Thanks for joining AcWriMo! Looking forward to see your productive progress 🙂

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