Make it works

It’s not always a good day but when it is, I feel so energetic and motivated to do a lot more. Although I may only work on tasks that are not considered writing, it’s still required tasks for whatever I want to achieve. Crossing out tasks from my list does always make me feel good. Sometimes it’s really hard with a hectic working day in the office (so not much time for writing) and most of the tasks for the day are office work related but I know too well that everything’s possible if you are determined. I just need to find my determination and motivation back in order to achieve my writing goals.

And I found them in my new gadget 😛


It’s my new Rapoo’s Bluetooth headset for my iPhone. It comes with microphone so now I can listen to my favorite songs and answer calls too when they come. Of course, it’s at least a bit blue. Now I have more reasons to be more productive (I hope!). I already felt being more productive using this headset since yesterday. Haha!

So if you think your days are not as good as you hope for your productivity, try something new today. It can be anything you like; be it a new gadget, a good walk, a nap, and etc. It will definitely help, I promise you! Most importantly, just keep going and stay motivated!


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