The #AcWriMo Cheerleaders

When AcWriMo first started, other than setting some big incredible writing goals to work on, participating online as part of the virtual peer support in Twitter is very important too. It’s really amazing how some conversations in Twitter can really cheer on and cheer up ourselves and others. That’s when the idea of becoming AcWriMo cheerleaders was developed. Our dear Charlotte (the organizer of AcWriMo) has mentioned before too that she has her cheerleader costume for the whole month of November just for all of us. She has been a great cheerleader every day, giving her support to anyone who needs it.

Following her cheer-leading,  I have become cheerleader to others occasionally too. I always tweet to everyone who needs some cheering up to let me know. I’m very happy to provide support in any way I can. The most amazing thing about the Twitter community is you always get support in return. I sincerely thank so many who have become my cheerleaders. I really appreciate everyone’s participation on a daily basis on my progress. I don’t feel that alone in my attempt on my AcWriMo goal daily. Some days were really very bad but after having some conversations with my AcWriMo cheerleaders, things usually look much better after that. It’s really incredible how some virtual peer support can do to us. As long as we are willing to share and participate, the potential is probably endless.

Cheers to the final week of AcWriMo *waves of blue pompoms*


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