AcWri is back as usual

November has come and gone just like that and AcWriMo has officially ended. December is already here and AcWri is back as usual. Reflecting on the past November, I didn’t achieve my ultimate writing goal and I was actually very far from it. Honestly, I didn’t believe I could ever reach that goal in just one month but at least I did try.

During the writing month, I hosted 2 live chats in November to discuss about AcWriMo and the summaries are here:

#AcWriMo Twitter chat (AP), 7th Nov 2012 (Wed) – What you think about #AcWriMo?

#AcWriMo Twitter chat (AP), 28th Nov 2012 (Wed) – Concluding #AcWriMo

I’m very grateful to those who joined me for the chats and I really enjoyed chatting with so many to discuss all about AcWriMo. I truly hope you had great time sharing with me too. On top of that, our daily tweet exchange during AcWriMo had really benefited and motivated me to keep pushing forward, especially on those days that were very difficult to start. Thank you to all AcWriMo cheerleaders, you are the best peer support for my writing effort. To the AcWriMo’s organizers, thank you very much for the AcWriMo party bag. It’s definitely an additional plus to receive such a genius gift and I’ll talk about it more later.

To show my continuous support for academic writing, the Accountability spreadsheet continues in December with another clean sheet. I welcome everyone who loves to continue their writing effort to join me in the spreadsheet again. I will continue to become your cheerleader and hopefully we will have another month of productive writing together again.


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