#AcWri Live Chat (AP) continues in Jan 2013

Although AcWri continues as usual in December, there isn’t any AcWri live chat scheduled for this month. I had been debating about it myself and decided not to hold any live chat this month because…

  • December is a month full of festivities with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. I guess it’s better we take a break this month from talking too much about writing and just enjoy year’s end (and probably the end of the world on 21 Dec 2012!!!).
  • My work schedule is super tight this December in the office (non-academic stuff but a lot of technology stuff). I spent hours testing and installing new software in the office, among other things.
  • My co-host is on maternity and I miss having her as my virtual partner. However, I have great plan for getting invited guests as co-hosts and we will definitely have some in January 2013. So stay tuned!

Once again, thank you everyone who participated in our previous live chats and I hope to hear from you again in January 2013. Meanwhile, wish you a productive December if you decide to continue working on AcWri as usual, otherwise have a great holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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