Academic Writing Accountability 2013

As many have expressed their interest in the AcWri accountability spreadsheet which many have participated since AcWriMo, to start our AcWri for 2013 I have created a new Google Spreadsheet – Academic Writing Accountability 2013 which I will continue to be the host and also be your cheerleaders for as long as you need  in 2013.


I welcome everyone to join us any time you like by putting your name and your writing goals in the spreadsheet. At this moment, we already have 15 participants for January and I’m glad to see many have already put in great progress update in just the first week of January. A brand new sheet will be created each month, so you don’t have to worry if you miss joining now. If you need any cheering, don’t hesitate to nudge me on Twitter @mystudiouslife.

Here I wish everyone who has some writing projects, a productive writing months ahead.

May you achieve all your goals this year!


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