TweetDeck – Chrome Extension

Let’s assume we are all Twitter addicts and we are always on the Twitter’s feeds to view conversations from the people we follow. Sometimes we also want to follow certain hashtags to get the latest information about some topics. If you have been using the Twitter webpage for all these viewings, you would agree that it’s rather hard to maneuver around the Twitter webpage to follow multiple conversations.

Hence, if you are Chrome’s user like me, I strongly recommend to you this chrome extension for TweetDeck. If you have never used TweetDeck before, let me briefly tell you about it. TweetDeck is a great Twitter application for viewing multiple Twitter’s feeds, all on one go. I first used TweetDeck as the desktop application and it worked great for me to view my 2 different Twitter accounts but I didn’t like to install the application every time I use different computers. Later, I moved on to TweetDeck on the web, which gives the same functions. With Chrome, now I can have a special extension with just a click away.

Just go to Chrome Web Store on the Apps page on your Chrome browser.

Search for TweetDeck. Click Add to Chrome and it will get installed. The blue TweetDeck icon will appear on the Apps page on your browser.

You should also sign up an account with TweetDeck first and add your Twitter account or accounts (if you have more than one) together. Next, just click on the TweetDeck icon on your browser to launch it and it will ask you to sign in for the first time.

You will need to configure your Twitter’s views by adding columns on what you want to view. Most commonly, you will want a column of timeline, another for mentions and a few for different hashtags. You can add as many as you like and for different Twitter accounts too.

This is how my Tweetdeck looks like. I have even more columns on the right which I didn’t capture here. This view, once you configure, will appear the same throughout TweetDeck wherever you sign in to.

I hope you will find this helpful. Just give it a try and let me know what you think.


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