#Acwri Live Chat (AP) – Wed 16 Jan 2013

AcWri Live chat for Asia Pacific is coming back this Wednesday 16 January 2013. As usual we will chat for an hour from 8 pm GMT+11 or 5 pm GMT+8. Do check the correct time for your timezone here.

The topic for this chat is “Does blogging help your academic writing?”. We would love to hear your opinion or experience with blogging in your academic writing. This topic was originally planned for December 2012 but we didn’t organize any chat during the festive month, so we will begin our new AcWri chat this year with this topic. There will be a special invited guest host, Ms Pelf who blogs at pelf-ism is contagious and tweet as @pelf81. Ms Pelf has been blogging for years and she has some experience to share with all of us during this chat about blogging, especially in her academic life now. Furthermore, if baby Emma is agreeable during our chat time, my co-host Wini will be joining us too after her maternity break.

I hope you can spend an hour to join us and share with us what you think about blogging in your academic lives. If you have topics for our next upcoming chats, I welcome you to let me know too. Do continue to follow us at @acwri_apac for latest AP AcWri chat updates. See you on this Wednesday!


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