#AcWri Live Chat (AP) – Looking for co-host & topic

Here is the storify summary of the last AP #AcWri chat on 20 Feb 2013 about collaborative writing or collaboration in writing. Once again, thanks to the co-host Ms Melanie for sharing her experience and to all who participated and shared their experience during the chat.

Personally, I have never participated in any collaborative writing (other than writing with my supervisor, if that counts) before and getting some insights on how to make a collaboration work during the chat was really inspiring. Getting started is always the most difficult step but once you have decided to do it, everything will fall into place and you will reach your destination. Anyway, I wish I will get my chance to do collaborative writing in the near future. It will be awesome to work with others and share knowledge.

For our next chat in March, I really need some help in co-hosting and appreciate your suggestions of some chat topics too. Do you have any #acwri questions that you need others to help in sharing their experience or knowledge? If yes, come join us and become the co-host to lead the chat. I truly wish to continue hosting #AcWri chat for Asia Pacific regions (at least once a month instead of our usual twice a month) but doing it alone is really quite difficult for me. Hence, I really appreciate any help I can get from my #acwri pals out there. Please let me know any time if you are interested in becoming co-host or you have suggestions for the next chat topic. Thank you!


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