Organize your literature review notes in a matrix

I have wanted to make sure I got this link in my blog for future reference, so I have actually copied the link in my draft and nearly forgot about it. My bad!

It’s an awesome practical example on how to use the matrix to organize your notes shared by the famous Thesis Whisperer. I’m really honored to get a mention there. If you have missed her earlier sharing on this particular piece, here you can check it out below.

TW Backline Masters – Using matrix to organize your notes

I actually wanted to share something similar to show how I organized my literature review notes before I wrote my literature review but never got around to share a practical and good example. I’m glad Thesis Whisperer shares her example and I’m sure many have already benefited from it.

Happy writing, everyone! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Organize your literature review notes in a matrix

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  1. This remind me a webinar on using qualitative data analysis software for (Nvivo):

    • Better organize your study material in one central location
    • Tag and retrieve pertinent information quickly
    • Make your “note taking” more powerful and easily accessible

    One function in Nvivo is the Framework matrix, which auto summarize codes and put them in the cell. It Helps for comparing and contrasting author author

    Thank you for sharing great advice in your blog.

    1. You are welcome! Nvivo really sounds so good. How I wish I get a chance to try it. Thank you for sharing about Nvivo too 🙂

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