#AcWri Live Chat (AP) – 17 Apr 2013

My work life had been a bit crazy recently and it hasn’t even slowed down yet. I will be traveling for work this week and I thought before I leave, it’s best we have another #AcWri chat. I have wanted to chat with you all for some times and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t make time to organize one last month. There are simply so much happenings recently that I found myself hard to breathe. Anyway, I hope you are up to a chat tomorrow, Wednesday 17 April 2013. As usual we will chat for an hour from 8 pm GMT+10 or 6 pm GMT+8. Do check the correct time for your timezone here.

The topic for tomorrow’s chat is “Dealing with distractions”. I hope you don’t mind I picked this topic. I found myself always distracted recently and it’s really counter-productive. Sadly, I didn’t get much writing or reading done recently because I was real distracted with various things. I hope you are doing better than I do but if you are facing similar dilemma, let’s chat and share your thoughts. Hope to hear from you all again tomorrow.

If you have topics for our next upcoming chats, I welcome you to let me know too. Do continue to follow us at @acwri_apac for latest AP AcWri chat updates.


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