My dream comes true

Following up on my previous post, Pursuing my dream, I’m ecstatic  to share that my dream has finally come true. Yes, I got the job in academia. I’m going to be a lecturer for Computer Science division in the college that I have wanted for some times. I’m very proud of myself that I have aced a gruesome comprehensive series of interviews and tests: 1st interview with Head of Division, 2nd interview with Head of School and 3rd interview with a panel of management team (of at least 8 people), then a written English test, and an oral English test (English is not my primary language).

Seriously, it’s my first time going through such interviews and tests. Blame it on my 10+ years working at the same company! I didn’t know beforehand that the recruitment process was that tedious for an academic position. The whole process took me nearly over 3 months. Anyway, these interviews with so many different people were enlightening and further reaffirming what I really want for my career progression. We had discussed various topics during all these interviews. I had been telling people about my passion in teaching and learning and how I wanted to contribute my knowledge and skill to the community in the best way I could. I had also been sharing about my research interests and to my surprise, they had been sharing a little bit about their current IT project for the whole campus that I probably could work on. They even made it sounded like a potential future PhD thesis for me. That’s awesome, right? I have already imagined all the data to be collected for my research. Haha!

Moving from working in the industry to working in the academia will be my next new challenge.  Honestly, I’m quite scared about this move but at the same time I’m excited to explore new territory. Taking up this new job in academia also means I will have to further study to PhD. Another scary territory to explore, eventually, I guess. I have always dreamed of working in a campus environment, so I guess I can easily adapt to my new working environment. The few times I was at the campus recently, I felt awe seeing people all around me, carrying books walking here and there while chit-chatting with each other and many also sitting in groups apparently having some discussions. I have yet to visit the libraries. I’m a great fan of libraries because I love having books surrounding me. Hehe! Okay, all these are the more exciting stuff I have thought of but I have yet to think about my future workload of preparing for lessons, teaching, marking assignments and examination papers, and probably some research. That should be something real interesting to look forward to, though these might not be as easy as I thought. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can really do these!

If you have been following this blog since I started my Master’s, I hope you will continue reading this space for more new studious adventure in the academia. Hopefully, no ranting involved.


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  1. Congratulations on your appointment and thank you for sharing your exciting news. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in the academic world. Have fun and woohoo to your starting on your PhD!

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